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Ode to the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer









So, everyone knows that every baker needs a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. And as many of you also no, I don’t consider myself to be much of a baker. However, I’ve always wanted a nice mixer. I got a cheap hand mixer a few years back that has a stand so that it can also be a “stand mixer”. But, that is far from what it really is. It’s super light weight so it slides and the bowl isn’t deep enough so your dry ingredients fly out leaving you with a big mess.

I’ve looked into getting a mixer in the past but they come with a whopping $300 price tag so I’ve never wanted to bite the bullet and actually buy one. I’d rather buy these.

Anyways, my Step Dad’s Mom was an awesome baker. I only got to know her for a few years before she passed away but she made some delicious cookies and beautiful quilts! One of the things she left behind was her Kitchen Aid mixer. My Step Dad has been letting it collect dust holding on to it for a while and I finally convinced him to hand it over.







As you can see, it has some rust marks around the edges but I think it just gives it a little more character. This thing blew my old mixer out of the water! Regardless of if it was made in 1965 (yes, it’s only a few years younger than my parents), this thing still works like new proving its quality.







I think every chef/cook/baker/foodie needs a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer in their collection of tools. It has many more uses other than making cakes, frostings, etc. Definitely glad I finally added it to my collection 🙂

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