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Hanover Tavern – Restaurant Week in Richmond

So, every 6 months Richmond does a Restaurant Week that benefits the Food Bank and Meals on Wheels. Every restaurant creates a special menu with 3 courses and it is a flat rate of $25.11 per person (minus drinks and gratuity) and $2.11 of it goes towards the charities. Pretty cool, right?

I’ve never actually gone to any of the restaurants that participate during Restaurant Week (surprising, right?) but my parents wanted to take Tyler and I to The Hanover Tavern tonight for the final night. I had never even heard about The Hanover Tavern before but much to our delight, it was quite a treat!

Lets just say it was delicious! I started with Fried Green Tomatoes which was served with Pimento Cheese.







Oddly enough, I’ve never had Fried Green Tomatoes. I know, its a crying shame and I probably can now only officially call myself a Southerner because of it. Anyhoo, they were so good especially when paired with the Pimento Cheese.

Then came the entrees. I had Cavatapi Pasta with red onions, kalmata olives, feta cheese and a lamb sausage.







The sausage was a little spicy yet had a sweetness to it. VERY good!

Tyler and my Step Dad both had the Braised Short Ribs with mashed potatoes and southern-style green beans with a mushroom demi glace.







Trust me, its as good as it looks. I tried it 🙂

My mom had the vegetable gnocchi with seasonal grilled vegetables and a balsamic drizzle.







If you can even believe we had room for anything else after all of that, our desserts came out.

Tyler, James, and myself all had the Key Lime Pie (clearly the fave of the table!).







My Mom stood out from the crowd and got the Dark Chocolate Whoopie Pie with a Maker’s Mark sauce. She’s a true Maker’s Mark girl at heart!







After all of this, we were all stuffed and ready for bed…except our reservations were at 5 o’clock. Early Bird Special style!

Now, I’m off to catch up on some Sunday night TV (The Next Iron Chef starts tonight!!) and get to bed early since I’ll finally be going back to work after my tonsillectomy.

I hope everyone has a good week and an even better Halloween tomorrow!

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