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Crescent Roll S’more Recipe Flop

S’mores. They’re gooey. They’re chocolatey. They probably remind most of you, including myself, of your childhood. And these ended up tasting nothing like them.

Ya see, I’m not a marshmallow fan. Like at all. The only exception to that is s’mores and hot chocolate. I never even made rice crispy treats as a kid. Why you might ask? Marshmallow fluff freaks me out. Its a jar of processed sugary goo. To some of you that may sound delicious but not this girl.

When I saw this on Pinterest I was all about it. How hard could it be? Unroll dough. Insert chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Roll. Bake. Not rocket science here people.

Well, that’s what I thought anyway.

You might look at that picture and think “Wow, those look good!” Don’t believe it though. These little buggers are deceiving.

Since the ends were open, the marshmallows melted and just turned into caramelized sugar. Which would be great had it actually been in the roll.

Do you see any marshmallows in there? That’s a big negative my friend. Not sure how they melted down so much that they just disappeared but they were no where to be found. Apparently I bought magic marshmallows that vanish when baked.

These tasted like a buttery, dinner roll that tasted just fine until you shoved melted chocolate into the center. I was thinking maybe they would have been better if they had graham cracker crumbs or pieces inside to give them a little more texture or flavor but instead, I’m waiving the white flag of surrender.

You win crescent roll s’mores. I’ll save my s’more eating for over a campfire…except I never go camping anymore. If only I had a wood burning fireplace…

Hopefully my next recipe won’t blow up in my face…or yours.

Really depressing fact: woke up before my alarm today thinking it was the weekend. Blah. Off to work I go!

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